As the Tree of Life Health Advocates founder and president, I’m an impassioned, engaging public speaker.

I’m proud to have decades of experience addressing professional associations and educational conferences, testifying at government hearings, leading workshops, and giving presentations at gatherings hosted by community organizations and congregations.

I’m especially interested in educating audiences about how to stay safe and become empowered by taking charge of their own and their loved ones’ healthcare.

A few of my suggested speaking topics for your organization include:

  • A Good Doctor Won’t Object: Why You Should Always Seek a Second Opinion
  • Obamacare 101: What You Should Know About the Affordable Care Act
  • Is a Clinical Trial Right for You?
  • Three Reasons Why Millennials Need to Prepare an Advance Directive
  • Ensuring Dignity at the End of Life: Start the Conversation Right Now That No One Wants to Have
  • Stay Safe While You Get Well: How to Protect Yourself While in the Hospital
  • Three Strikes: Is It Time to Finally Fire Your Doctor?
  • Managing a Loved One’s Care Without Burning Out
  • Understanding Your Rights as a Patient
  • Are You Prepared for a Healthcare Emergency? Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Protect Yourself and Your Family
  • Eleven Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Have a Healthcare Advocate on Speed Dial

Press Kit for Health Advocate Speaker R. Ruth Linden Ph.D

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